‘Tis the day before Friday, Day 8 and rolling into Day 9 of this School Year Long Adventure

What to do? What to do? Made it almost two weeks. Let me repeat this with more emphasis to get the point across: MADE IT ALMOST TWO WEEKS. (I feel like Bugs Bunny yelling to get his message across)

Well, whatever. Here we are again. In front of this screen. A screen made of plastic. Faces staring at me and I at them. What to do? What to do?

I got teach of course, this is what I’ll do. I have been doing this for three years already. No sweat, I got this.

What do I hear next you say? Radio silence. Should I check to see if I’m alone in here or not? But wait…there are still other images staring at me. (Given most of them are with just their names)

Credit for being on, right? Eh, I will respond to that. Yes, I am glad you are here and you have made it. Can you give me a little bit more something….anything? I mean if you just want to hear my voice then I can record myself singing So Sick by Ne-Yo (this is a hint to another article I have written).

I would think it’s going to be a hit and stream like crazy on YouTube, but then again am I being over the top? Carpe Diem! We are in this wild time, why not change it up a bit to make it entertaining.

When are we going back to school? News for y’all, we are in school. Just that everyone is in front of a screen instead of sitting in a classroom whispering under their breath to their friend. This is all while I’ll be teaching; the charm in this canter is bountiful.

Did I not mention it is just two weeks? I just wanted to remind you of the fact. Yet, this entire time feels like an entirety and keeps on shifting the way I view learning.

Learning is a fundamental skill, through these last 9 days have shown either a desire or willingness to challenge yourself to adapt and change to the world around you. Life is fundamental in terms of of adaption, animals and plants need to do it to survive. We as a human society have done it in our past for centuries.

This will not deter our future’s knowledge and their potential of succeeding but only heighten it as we as educators continue to push on. The words failure and success have the same amount of letters, but it is what we choose to do that equates to the undefined results.

Choices are given to all. Are they fair? How can you articulate fairness? Can this be manifested in a documents politicians sign off as being socially conscious or morally accurate? I for one, do not believe so, and neither should anyone. Logic and reason needs to prevail when deciding when and how to go back to school. Nothing is easy at this time, it may not be for a while. But this does not give an excuse to not change what has not been fixed in years.

I leave this week hopeful for next week.

Until next time, stay educated and learning y’all. Much love.