Episode 2: The Disappearance

Lyle Grossi
5 min readDec 19, 2020


Welcome back to your favorite established series of stories that you plan on sharing with everybody, but first you need to read it. So, let’s continue on!

“Are we a just two puzzles pieces meant for each other and no one else?” -Jake

If getting drugged was not bad enough for Jake. Now, he was feeling a unique sensation throughout his whole body.

“Why am I feeling so much!” Jake yelled out trying to understand it and all Erica could do was console him.

“We will figure this out together, don’t worry Jake!” Erica smiles nudges her head on top of his.

“What happened to the man Chase who gave me whatever this was? Did he tell you what this could possibly be?” Jake looked over at Erica who was not sure if she should come out and tell him.

“You can tell me anything, you know this right?” Jake said admittedly.

“I know. But this is a lot to take in Jake. This is unusual. I thought this could only happen in the stupid movies like in the one that is on now. In my wildest dream, maybe my wildest, but still could not believe that this drug he gave you did what he said.” Erica looked down at him and he looked up at her glazed over, tired.

“Do you remember the movie and TV show Limitless?” Jake just nodded waiting for the response.

“It is a drug similar to this. It makes you feel superhero and enhances your senses to a level where it could give you potential hallucinations. Now, the last part I am not sure about. But looking at you, it is taking a toll on you.” Erica rub his arms to see if he would snap out of it.

He stood up not wanting to rub his arms anymore, it was driving him crazy inside that she was taking care of him. He remembered back ten years ago when the suppose love of Erica’s life Josh cheated on her. She was distraught and completely shaken. Anyone would be if your new fiance cheated on you with no other than your best friend since seven years old.

Completely twisted. All she could do was drench a waterfall of tears on Jake’s shoulder who just stayed the whole night.

These are the moments filled within Jake’s head that he goes back to for comfort. This is a constant reminder that life is not always as you expect it to be.

“Wait so I am like Bradley Cooper then and I can do anything!” Jake screams out lifting his arms in victory.

“Will you be quiet and calm down for a second to let me figure this out?” Erica announced being stern.

“Okay, okay. But I thought he originally gave me something to kill me and now I am finding out my senses are enlightened.” Amazed Jake looked around from side to side. “But there is something I do not get.”

Erica just looks over at him awaiting a reply.

“I see people that are not actually here. So am I seeing the spirits of those who have passed away and am I now a ghost whisperer like Jennifer Love Hewitt in that show Ghost Whisperer. If so, I will pull a Shaggy and Scooby-Doo and take myself back to regular Jake.” Confused Jake looks around as if an answer will just come falling down from the sky.

“Take it easy Jake. I am here for you and with you. We will figure this out together by finding that couple I trusted shamefully. Now, which direction could they have possibly gone.” Erica looks curiously around even squinting her eyes to view her surroundings around the drive in movie theater.

“How’s those eyes for binoculars work?” Jake looked at her jokingly.

“You are unbelievable. Well, Mr. Limitless who is scared of ghosts or spirits, whatever you call them. Help me with you extraordinary eyesight since us regular folk pale in comparison to yours.” Erica looks at Jake sideways to take that as a hint just to do it.

“Fine, I will!” Jake looked around and did not see anything out of the ordinary except of intense sensation in his noise smelling the snack stand. “Why is everyone so obsessively with butter on their popcorn. I just do not understand this fixation. Put some on there to get it flavor but if you are just in it for the melted butter. Get a cup, fill it up and drink it. Problem solved.”

“It baffales me what goes on inside of your brain, I just do not get it half of the time. But here look at this I got a clue. Come close and use your remarkable sense of touch on this footprint. Can you notice what direction it took?” Erica said cheerfully proud of herself for discovering this.

The footprint was of a converse sneaker which both of them as well as a lot of others were wearing since they went to seen a teen type movie. Instead of Jake arguing with Erica, he bent down and put his hand over the footprint to find a path where this person was off to.

“If my remarkable sense of touch is correct, they went that direction.” Jake pointing the way to the Northwest of their current location.

“Oh, this brings us into the forrest if we go down this way. Is it possible they live around here?” Erica thought about it carefully and just shrugged it off. “Let’s go and see what we find.”

“Great! The rational one out of us two is throwing caution to the wind. I am liking this sudden shift of me becoming the reasonable one here.” Jake established with Erica just brushing it off.

Both of them grab some snacks and drinks on the way as they walked the direction Jake saw. Before crossing the lines from the movie grounds to the forest, Jake felt a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. As if a force wanted him to go this way and follow whoever gave him this drug.

“Let’s just be cautious, okay!” Jake said before heading in.

“Absolutely, I am here with you every step of the way!” Erica smiled toward Jake.

The both of them disappeared into the forest.

This was a thrilling episode for sure, I will catch you all for the next one…cheers!