Day 10 of this Adventure of a Virtual Lifetime

Lyle Grossi
2 min readSep 22, 2020


Monday morning. Hello all of you dark screens with names I recognize from the past two weeks, how are you? You know the morning check-in after a weekend to see where their minds are at. But what surprises me is the range of mixed responses I receive.

Since it is Monday, envision of the many memes associated with the word and most of them are considered dreadful. “Mondays, why oh why are you haunt me!” To the tune of this drum, but lucky for me and hopefully other educators out there. There was a present mixed response from the crowd! Oh yes, we have a few happy and confident responses thrown in there. Let this Kool-aid man come through the screen and say “Oh yeahhhhh!”

The bliss of getting this responses on a Monday morning changes the way you see the world, there is hope for our future! If a 10 year old child can be optimistic on a Monday morning in front of a computer screen…there is nothing he or she cannot do. Prove me wrong if you think I am telling a lie here? I look forward to our debate in the comment sections (Muhahaha!).

To also bring it back to the reality of the situation, some of my students still have difficulty logging in or having stable internet connection which makes it a chore for them to continually try to get on. This battle has been going on since Day 1 of this adventure, I feel for all of my kids and others like them experiencing this discomfort and frustration. Circumstantial this is unfair for them and unjust to deal with, but there is only so much I can do…the dilemma.

A spiral has cascaded down to this glorious Monday, fine tuning the roar of excitement for Math. Yes, I said it. I teach elementary Common Core Math or the devil’s work (some parents tend to call it). Who am I to judge? To be honest, I may have considered the devil to play his hand on confusing the parents on what is seen as simple math but done a completely different way. What a way just to mess with your parents’ mind, show them a math problem from Common Core. Do you think you are smarter than a 5th grader now, Mrs. Jones?

Finally, the end of this day comes…Science! Let’s explore with static electricity and you know I got to play the Electric Boogie to set the mood just right. Then let’s get into electrons, protons and neutrons, oh what a day!

Until next time y’all, stay learning and growing!