“How can I help?”

One day, I have a friend who has been going through it. I won’t go too much into details. He was having difficulties navigating his life and needed a second opinion. Instead of bringing up all that could be perceived as kind of off, I asked him: “How can I help?”

He took some time thinking about it. I saw the dots stream on my phone as I was waiting for his response. When we have loved ones who we care about, we don’t want them to hold all of their feelings inside. …

Learn to listen and receive what you are given.

I contemplate the inner question and maybe you do as well: “What am I doing?”

Whenever I question myself, I feel more connected with who I am. Do you want to know the secret?

I engage with myself. Not allowing time to pass before reflecting on what this moment means to me. So, what does it mean to you? Think carefully, write it down. Note the first few words you write, these are your truths.

This is not the only way to engage with the world around you. There are other ways, three ways in particular. Each of these ways…

A call started to ring on my phone. I looked at it and saved it from a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while.

“Hey, what’s up? How are things, Jerry?” I asked.

“Hey, Luke! I meant to call you for the last few months, but I could not find your number anywhere.” He admitted.

“Oh!” I apologized smoothly. “How did you end up finding my number?”

A static noise can come through the phone. I was confused. He just had a clear signal before; what could have changed?

“Jerry! Can you hear me, Jerry?” I pleaded.

The phone…

It is not so much about you as it is about me.

We tell ourselves, “Go out there!” or “Do your best!” or “Take life by the horns!” Who is this helping exactly? Is it the person saying it or the person doing it?

The cause for concern can lie within how we perceive the world around us. It has nothing to do with you. But it has everything to do with me.

The persona of “me” allows us to believe it is all on us. Life would falter to exist if we do not take the trash out for…

“Why do you wear black?” He replies, “Black is always in fashion.”

“I appreciate your time. I realize the night never rests. Neither does your energy.” I distinguish.

“Yes, of course. My pleasure to serve with a vengeance.”

“Onto the first question. What made you this, the Batman?” I leaned into this question.

No answer, just the scowl.

After five minutes had passed of staring down, I looked down at the next question.

“Alright, where are we?”

“In my bat cave. Cozy, right?”

“Yeah, sure if you say so.”

“Do you know what keeps me up at night?”

“Wait, so…

Look in the mirror with the prowess of a lion and the curiosity of a cat.

What do I see when I look in the mirror? Not just the image in the mirror I see, but how I feel each day. These experiences shifted my perspective and how it engages integral depths to my soul. As humans, we are many layers. Each layer we unfold from our outer shell, there is something more unveiled.

What can we discover is truth or false about ourselves? Is it as clear as day or as dark as night? I believe it is bits…

Wrinkles are a sign of the good times.

I wake up each morning happy. Usually happier than I was the previous day. Know why? I have discovered a secret. Not a profound one, but it gave me solace in how I view the world.

I live life in a mindful routine to engage with myself. Setting an intention and a purpose centered around me. Smile. The bigger the smile, the better I feel.

My mindful routine is the following:

Hint: It is not what you see; it is how you think.

I recently got back to the gym. I notice how sore and out of gym shape I was after the first two weeks back. Mind you: I had been working out quite consistently with yoga, HIIT, upper body, lower body, and ab routines are thrown in there. Yet, somehow I was not ready for the pressure of weight put on my body. Was I doing something wrong? Could I do something different for the soreness?

No, and no, I was out of “gym shape” as many of us who just been trickling back into the gym. It takes time, weeks…

When muting became a go-to for holding attention but did it…

For most of the 2020–2021 school year, I have been teaching primarily virtually until yesterday. It has not been a challenging experience to this point.

Do my students always keep six feet away from each other? No. Do they wash their hands for 30 seconds? Not. Do they need to be given redirection on how to put on their mask? Better believe it. Would I have it any other way? Yes, it would make this transition easier. Yet this gives me a chance to see my kids.

Seeing the…

Life is as happy as you make it.

I watched this YouTube video depicting the goal of people from age 5 to 75. The first few responses were quite comical, being kids. All of a sudden, a pattern of reactions had occurred. The primary goal was to be Happy. Followed closely by winning an Oscar. Watch out, Leo. They are coming after your one Oscar win!

I started to question myself. Have all of these people not found happiness in their life yet? In the video, some of looked “happy,” or was it just a projection?

Maybe you can do…

Lyle Grossi

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